6.3 Racefoil

6.3 Racefoil

After winning 2019 Formula foil World Championships we have done lots of development to offer best possible equipment for racers who want to win and for regular sailors who want good control, easy and fast foiling experience. For 2023 we have made new wing sizes for both, slalom and course race. 1000 mm/820 cm2 is the new weapon for course racing in  medium/strong winds, this wing is very fast and easy to control in higher winds.  Mast has been updated and fuselages made to resist corrosion even better. 



– 2 masts: New thinner and stiffer mast made with very high grade carbon, course race 100 cm  and slalom 95 cm with more backward rake.
– 3 fuselages:  118 cm + 6 and 112 cm for course racing. 100cm for slalom. Material CNC milled deep anodized aluminium.
– 4 course race front wings: 1000 mm/950 cm2, 1000 mm/930 cm2, 1000 mm/870 cm2 and 1000 mm/820 cm2. Back wing 460 mm/226 cm2.
– 5 Slalom front wings: 910 mm/772 cm2, 860/686 cm2, 800 mm/594 cm2, 700 mm/461 cm2 and 620 mm/357 cm2. Back wings 440 mm, 390 mm and 350 mm.
– All gear Formula foil class legal 2023 and PWA registered.
– 4 color choices for wings: Black, white, red and blue.

We are happy to help to you select right wing sizesfor you weight and sailing conditions