4.0 Racefoil

Our successful World Champion 3.0 racefoil has been updated to 4.0 with many new improvements. Mast is now faster being 2 mm thinner and we were able to make also bit stiffer for even better control. Front wing is moved 6 cm more to front in new 112 cm fuselage. Wings have been updated for more power and speed. Color choices, you can select your favorite wing/mast color from black, white and yellow. Bright colors might help in areas with lots of fishes and also helps to see the wings while waterstarting and sailing.

Slalom foiling begins in PWA and we want to be on top, lots of testings and development has been done. Our new 100cm slalom fuselage together with 4.0 mast and new slalom wings are very fast and easy combination to get to podium!


-  New 2 mm thinner and stiffer mast made with very high grade carbon

-  New fuselages where front wing has been moved more to front for power,  length 112 cm  for course racing and 100cm for slalom. Material CNC milled       anodized 6061 aluminium.

-  Course racing front wings:  1000 mm/930 cm2, 980 mm/854 cm2 and 920 mm/750 cm2

-  Slalom front wings: 920 mm/750 cm2 and 800 mm/568 cm2

-  Back wing 500 mm/230 cm2

- 3 color choices: Black, white or yellow