B11 formula fin is available in all sizes.


Centerboard for Raceboard class is now available!


Steve Allen (AUS O) finished 2nd in formula Worlds, just marginal one point behind the winner. After testing a lot of different fins Steve chose to use BOSS B9 fins!! Congrats to Steve!


New formula model B9 is ready for 2014. More info:


Karolis Sipavicius (LTU 1001) won Lithuainian Formula championships, he won 7 out of 9 races. Karolis was using mostly BOSS B7 70 S- fin in this windy event. Congrats!


Joel Grönqvist (FIN-2) was dominating in Finnish nationals. Joel won 6 out of 8 slalom races. He was using BOSS 4.22 36 and 6.0 42 fins. Congrats!


Nikolas Skarlatos (GRE28) become Greek formula and slalom champion 2013. He was using B5, B6 formula fins and 6.0 slaloms. His sister Gelly did well too, she won Red Bull crossing in Alacati and was 11th overall in PWA with BOSS fins. Congrats to both!


Formula fin testing in Cadiz by Karolis Sipavicius:


New models for 2013 are ready for production! 6.0 for slalom and B6 for formula. Both models have been amazing in testings.


Good slalom results for BOSS fins: Andrea Rosati (ITA-0) won IFCA masters Worlds In Lake Garda, Italy. Wojtek Brzozowski (POL -10) won slalom cup event in Poland. Pieter Eliens (NED-538) was 2nd in slalom cup event in Holland. Guys were using latest BOSS 4.22 models in S- stiffness, amazing speed & control!


Wojtek Brzozowski POL 10 won Polish formula champion title in Sopot. Here are Wojtek’s comments of the race and his trimming tips:

“The conditions were very unstable and difficult, ranging from 3 to 35 knots with shifts up to 90 degrees so it was more up to luck than real speed of the riders but i enjoyed the championships very much and my setup worked really well when the wind was actually there:) I was on Neil Pryde evo III and IV, Starboard 167wide and 2 BOSS B5, both of them just 70 but the board deliveres tons of power so light and slippery fin is required. For 12 and lighter stuff i used S- – rake 8 deg. and for 10,7 S- rake 10,5 deg. With straps all the way back and mast track 5 cm forward from recommendation, it was flying like a slalom board. BOSS B5 70 proved to be slippery and fast with great upwind performance. The only fin that i really like on the new board.”


Petteri Nenonen FIN 8 won 2011 GPS speed challenge in Finland using BOSS 33 fin. Congrats Petteri!


Teade de Jong NED 777 finished on 2nd place in the Dutch formula championship using BOSS fins. Congrats to Teade for great result!!


BOSS fin rider Jon Tornwall FIN 66 won Finnish Slalom championships. Totall 12 races were completed during windy event. Jon was using 38 fin with both 7,8 and 8,6 sails.


Jon Torwall won slalom cup in Finland. Jon was unbeatable winning 5 out of 7 races. He was using BOSS 3.0 40 with isonic 107 and 8,6 Reflex II sail in all 7 races. Jon’s comment was: “When gusts hit i was accelerating over others easily” Congrats Jon!!


Anders Smeds FIN 312 won 2nd round in Finnish Formula cup in Kalajoki. He was using BOSS 73 in all 8 races. Congrats to Anders!


Top results for BOSS fins from Riccione Grand Prix, Italy. Steve Allen 2nd and Wojtek Brzozowski 5th!


Filip Korczycki won Lithuanian Baltic Cup and Antti Lipasti was 7. and won also light weight division. Both were using mostly BOSS 72 fin. Great beginning of racing season for BOSS fins!!


The BOSS custom fins is now in facebook,  you can find latest pics, story’s etc:!/pages/The-BOSS-custom-fins/176858149003701


Ari Oksa FIN 999 won GPS speed challenge competition in Finland using 38 BOSS fin! Due to lack of speedspots in Finland this competition is done in open sea. Ari’s 10×5 sec. average was 31,16 knots. We congratulate Ari for his great result!

Full results here: